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I sat beside our small fire in the yard, roasting hotdogs before we set out to “Trick-or-Treat.”  Staring into the fire, I tried to imagine the festivities of 2000 years ago…  Pagans.. dressed up in animal skins and devil decor…  commemorating the dead and attempting to predict one another’s future.  The tradition has changed over the centuries by the Romans (bobbing for apples to remind us of Pomona) then again by Pope Boniface (putting a twist on a Pagan belief to give it a Christian purpose)… It fascinates me how this tradition has survived….. Ultimately, the consideration of souls has been lost…. Today, for the kids, it’s all about the candy. For me, it’s all about the kids.

The Hippie and the Ghost

The Hippie and the Ghost

Our tradition…  hotdogs..hayrides……. I watched them put on their costumes.. listened to them giggle… they’ve anticipated this night.  This is one of my favorite traditions…  driving the tractor or the 4-wheeler, watching the kids climb in and out of the trailer, spilling candy…..  hearing their laughter as they play with friends and family.

Halloween Maze in Old Town


 We stopped and talked to a couple along the way… they meandered the sidewalks of Old Town… They admitted that their children had grown up and were no longer the age of participation…  one of autumn’s tragedies, I assume.  As I pulled the kids along, I considered the future of our Halloween tradition.  One day, it will be a memory and our celebration will change, just as it has for centuries. Certainly, we will adapt. They will grow up… I will figure out how to let them…  What traditions will survive in the lives of these kids? For now, however, our traditions will continue…. 

 When the night ended, we returned home… warmed up in blankets….  sifted through mounds of candy…  The kids fell asleep….  Perhaps predicting the future is possible, as the Celts believed… perhaps….