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Posted in Where Angels Perch with tags , , , , on November 28, 2008 by rodzink
Early this morning, Belle sat in her bed… writing… She had managed to write her declaration of Thanksgiving.  I didn’t change her spelling, punctuation, etc….  It’s simply written.  Perhaps, she understands in her own 8 year old way, the simplicity of being thankful.
It was an interesting weekend… Cold.  We snuggled beneath blankets in the darkness… talking.  Spent some time off the mountain in North Chattanooga… riding bikes, cardboarding, eating ice cream.  Dinner at the MudPie with friends closed with karaoke.  Belle and, friend, Kit brought the house down….  Then, Baker made his surprising debut.  Just the fact that he entered a song, made it to the mic, and sang shocked me.  I am not typically in need of spotlight and he is certainly a wallflower… but he sang….  The music began and I sat.. anxiously awaiting…..
When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comforts me, speaking words of wisdom… Let It Be…. Baker sang….  every word…. His sweet voice… those big brown eyes….  The part that no one realized is that this is my favorite song… and he knows it….  Shine Until Tomorrow… As relaxing as the melody may be… the message is mine… I sing it often… out loud… in the truck… with the kids.  There will be an answer…. Let It Be…  When he finished, he simply walked back to our table and sat next to me… We smiled at each other… He knows me well enough to recognize our special moments… I know him well enough to see that he was proud of himself….
The History of Thanksgiving can be debated…  Deutoronomy 26 records the first of which I’m aware…  Closer to home, the actual first documented celebration was not, however, held at Plymouth Rock, but in St. Augustine, FL some 100 years prior to the traditional Pilgrims’ feast.  Regardless of the purpose, the foundation of our gratitude, the means of individual celebration… or the age old question… Turkey or Ham?…….  Thanksgiving is from the hearts of thankful folk… to a faithful God…..  I’m learning… I’m experiencing “Thankfulness”…. each day…  When I wake up in the morning and hear those sweet voices…… when I realize my kids are healthy……when I’m reminded that God has returned my soul to me….  when my siblings make me laugh until my sides split…..  when my son can sing…..and my little girl can put her kind thoughts to paper………… I can, and will, be thankful.
 Belle’s words:
I am thankful for the lord because the lord is nice and thankful for us, I’m thankful becaus the lord gave us food and drinks and some poeple don’t have that so we help poeple in need.  I am glad the lord made us for all the the things we done.  I want to help poeple all my life to give them all they need to help them stay helphey and stay active.  for all they need.  When poeple are sick I want to help them all I can.  To get what they need and what I need.