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Tender ferns unfurled from the dark earth.  Fragile…. Struggling..  The new green canopy of oaks, hickories, and sweetgum serve the ground below.  Protecting…..  responsible….

Baker stood at the edge of Shoal Creek and watched the water rush past him.  I could see his eagerness to cross, when he suddenly lept to a boulder in the middle of the creek, then slide off the moss into the water.  Cold, wet to his knees, he quickly climbed out and turned to see my reaction.  I laughed at him while Belle climbed on my shoulders and held tight as I forged the creek. He hid the frustration and the fact that he was now cold.  Climbing quickly, he scrambled up the boulders to an overhanging point, where he finally sat.  Water ran from his pants and his red toes revealed the fact that his Chacos weren’t providing any warmth. Belle sat close to me.  Hovering… leaning against me.  Reaching into her pocket, she held up a pocket knife and asked if she could carve on a stick. 

My children…  climbing boulders…forging creeks… knives…. Just yesterday, they were toddlers.  Both had been carried in a backpack on such outings.  Both had slowly graduated…outgrown… Today, we took a break from homework, school projects….. our last day together for the week.  We climbed the rocks to get away from everything….to hear each other talk… to watch each other play…. to feel each other’s warmth… to hold my children’s hands.. touch their faces… hold their little bodies in my arms….tell them that nothing in the world is more important to me. Without them, I have no purpose… am nothing…  serve no one. 

Biking on the River

Tender… unfurling from the spring earth…. fragile…. my gentle ferns…  “fiddleheads.”  They see a world around them that is less than perfect.  Attempting to remain in the shade of the responsible and protective canopy…. they recoil as they are touched by that which harms them.  I’ve seen it in their faces…. stared into their eyes… heard it in their prayers……  I sit by and watch them fall asleep at night..until they’re far from this world and their dreams take them to another.