I watched him back out of the driveway this afternoon as he headed out for work…and caught myself running down 17 years.. I remember the ride home from the hospital when he was born and that I went directly to my grandfather’s house: Pop.  Edward Franklin Baker.  I’ll not forget those beautiful old eyes when he held Baker for the first time.  It was not until I had my first born, that I realized everything had changed.  For the first time in my life…all my dreams…my hopes…my plans…were directed elsewhere.  I had become a new creature…something more than a man… a Father.

I blinked today…and my little boy went from giggles to a grown up… training wheels to that big red truck… from hugging me like a child.. to wrapping his arms around me…. like a friend.  Suddenly, this afternoon, I find myself unable to do anything… but think of him….. this young man… whom changed my path. I am so very proud to be his Dad….and celebrate this birthday weekend.  Happy Birthday, Baker. I love you so much.



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