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Lone Oak…

Posted in Where Angels Perch with tags , , , , on February 3, 2010 by rodzink

Ice clung to the trees.. stressing the limber branches… Rows of white pines bowed and payed the required homage as Wind and Winter passed…  The trickling Earth flowed somewhere ‘neath the fozen crusty surface, traveling the unnamed tributary of Buster Creek….ultimately to the Gorge..miles away.. as she rides ravine and hollow.  Baker, settled and deer-like, slipped through the muffled hardwood…disappearing with Dog and Gun… another rite of passage entered….steadily venturing towards becoming a young man.  Planting my boots in the snow… resisting… I watch him go and can only ask that God and conscience take my place. 

Sweeping the woods and stream and soul… seasonal cleansing snow… our lives plentiful and bountiful….. the treasures left behind as Wind moves west… the lonely oak is envied by the massive stand of pines… grouped like a murder of crows across the hollow… thick and expendable.