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Tea Cups….

Posted in Where Angels Perch with tags , , , on June 29, 2009 by rodzink

Life is such a fragile web…  We walk through her days…. treading… leaving behind the seen and unseen.  Often, we look into the eyes of another and understand kindness, happiness….  I’ve watched my children sit near her, straining to understand her words as the accent rolled from her smile. 

Lola at Christmas

I knelt by her bed.. held her hand.   I hope she knows I was there.  I whispered a prayer and sent it ahead. I hope it was well received.  There is no doubt the anticipation of angels awaiting her arrival.  The same angels that watch over my children… 

Today, I had the immense honor of helping carry her body to it’s final place…. knowing full well that a host of Filipina angels took her home Friday.  Heaven has gained a precious soul. 

Anastacia…  the tea cups…. the warm hugs given to me and the kids are forever with us…. I failed to keep my promise of taking you dancing… but I’ll remember and keep the other….  Go.. and be free.  Namis Kita.. Ini ibig kita.