Earth Day….

 Creation stories are as old as Earth herself…. whether God spoke our world into existence or Muskrat swam deep into the vast sea to bring mud up to Turtle’s back……  Earth herself knows her potter’s hands.  Meanwhile, we are allowed a brief moment to occupy her… topside.  She brings forth in consistently surprising display of mystery and beauty.  In our wisdom, we have been unable to unlock all her secrets.  Her past is as confusing as her elusive future. 


… But are we not the same…. Locked away inside, we alone feel the impact of our surroundings…  the words that were spoken to us long ago…  the hands that have shaped us….  the pounding of a hammer against glowing iron… reshaping us…..  Enduring the change is tough, but, once completed, the blacksmith has either fashioned a useful tool…….. or a worthless piece of metal…..  we repeatedly and stubbornly reject the effort of our maker’s hands… neither trusting the skill nor remembering the prior  trips to the anvil…. My children are learning…. it’s good practice… coerced homework, chores, bedtime, affection.  “Discipline… love…. and blacksmithing all follow the same basic process…. Gentle Pressure, Relentlessly Applied.” 


The Cherokee would pray, “Today, as I walk on the trail of life… against the wind and the rain… grant me, O’ Great Spirit, that I may walk as a man.”  I have befriended the uphill climbs… the wind and the rain… The prayer itself recognizes that the elements will come, and so, focuses on strength…. faith….  thick skin.  Memorial Day '09 010

This Journey… our journey…  is not a 2-hr Hollywood drama… an explosive finale ending with a character’s one moment in time.  Each moment.. every step… word.. reaction… is my time…. I stumble and often fall face-forward…  But my efforts, love, friendship are not based on my worldly wealth.  I am blessed… a fortunate man.  And so… the creation stories never end… each passing moment, we have the opportunity to create that which time cannot tarnish or dismantle…. but a continuous reshapening of glowing iron.. here on this anvil.. at the hands of my maker.

One Response to “Earth Day….”

  1. Christine Says:

    Rod … of all the times you mentioned your blog I just now found it. I greatly enjoyed reading this … especially your observations of your kids. They couldn’t have asked for a more fun-loving dad.

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