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BelleFest ’08

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Another Night at the Opry….

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Annabelle…. Little Soul

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I watched the doctor operate the ultrasound equipment.  I noticed a grin form on his face.  “She has a head full of crazy hair,” he finally laughed.  My little girl.  I had dreams of ribbons and curls… dolls and tea parties….  fingernail polish and sun dresses….. I had no idea what the following eight years would bring me.  You have kept my sides in stitches….. my heart in love… my eyes full of wonder. 

I put your backpack on your tiny shoulders… Almost empty and nearly weightless, you told me that you could carry your own “stuff.”  We embarked on one of your first dayhikes at six years old.  You surprised me.  Kept moving and didn’t complain.  You took on the tough climbs, the creek crossings… sleeping on the ground…. absorbing warmth from a fire or snuggled between your brother and me….  Always with that same spirit….. The same spirit that you’ve applied towards your siblings… school…. reading… playing.  You’ve added excitement to everything you do….

You’re turning eight and I am struggling with the pain that has filled the hearts of Dads since time began. I’ve witnessed the same in the father’s of little girls outside your elementary school every morning… I know the look… The look that gives us away as men.. the one that says I want to be your boyfriend, your playmate, your Daddy.  I don’t know how fathers ever cope with “giving away” their daughters to some unworthy man.  I can’t help but grin when I think of you as a young woman…. fiery, crazy, silly girl.

Last weekend, we stuffed our backpacks and set out to the Cumberland Trail.  I watched you gather the things you needed….  sleeping bag, glow lights, pocket knife…..  book.  As we started into the woods, I deliberately walked behind you.  I find so much joy in simply watching you.  You notice everything.. touch the trees, pick up leaves… point out tracks…. sing…. dance…  You find the positive in everything. During the last couple of years, you’ve proven to be tough, risilient… a peace keeper.  I only hope I can protect your heart…. prepare you for your own journey. If I could, I would remove anything that you’ve had to carry… endure… and put it in my own pack… Lessen your load.  You can, and have, carried your own stuff. I hope you can simply stop alongside the trail one day and leave it behind. I will always be somewhere nearby… will run to you….

You’re 8 years old.  Our birthday party campout is coming up this weekend.  I can hardly wait…  I love to watch you run and play.  You’re so very big.. so very smart… so incredibly beautiful.  But I’d never wish to keep you as a little girl.  You have so much potential.. so much ahead of you….  a treasure of adventure.  I will try to keep up… to never let you down…. give of myself tirelessly… unconditionally….. You have my all… you consume my heart…  little girl…. precious little soul.