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Memorial Day Weekend

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Girls of Summer


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The perfect Spring day.  Warm..  70F.  Saturday…..  Softball game this morning… Little League baseball earlier this afternoon.  Watching them is a privilege.  Coaching the girls is some of the most fun I’ve ever known.  Sitting in the crowd watching Baker pitch…. I can’t even explain.  Every man that grew up playing baseball dreams of a day when his son takes the mound.  Baseball… team-building… friendship establishing… confidence-building from the mound.  After the games… no time to hike… but the bikes were calling… begging…  Bicycling around Old Towne.  The neighborhood is perfect for casual biking… The homes and the preserved trolley tracks point to the 1920’s.  Established mountain laurel, spreading lillies, untouched hardwood… Beautiful homes… perfect families… pretty people.. seemingly. 

 Passing the Trolley Stop

Annabelle calls out that she is the leader… wants to be followed… determine our route… keep her brother behind her.  She’s strong for a 7 year old little girl.  Has heart and physical courage.  But… tender.  Nothing breaks my heart like her tears.  Nothing angers me like seeing either of them hurt… confused…. unnecessarily betrayed… As a parent.. helplessness is the most cruel of the pain.  Knowing, but unable.  Being able to discern the culprit and not the solution.  I’ve heard it stated that having children is like watching your heart walk around in front of you…  A privilege to have them.. watch them.. know them.  Without them…. the world would be a different place….. a lesser place. Halfway through the Appalachian Trail by now, perhaps. 

We approach a long, gradual hill as we start out from Signal Point… Baker steams ahead.. Standing now, he cranks the pedals… determined.  Belle struggles and I can see she is on the verge of giving up….  Her little bike swerves as she slows…  Instinctively though… she knows…  I pedal up behind her as quickly as I could, put my hand on her back and pushed her with me up the hill.  I’ll always be here for you, my beloved little soul.  You don’t have to ask.  Standing in the delivery room, Baker… Belle… I held you and made you  each a promise.  I’ve made you many promises… You never have to worry that I’m not there.. that I won’t be waiting.. watching..  asking the Saints to cover you.  You both can always know…. Nothing is more important.  My love and devotion belongs to you both. I belong to you. You’ve neither created nor caused this world… your surroundings… this long, uphill climb.  But I won’t let you climb alone.  Regardless, my love will never be exhausted.  It is infinite.. unconditional… 

 Stray Cat Break

 The windows are open.. the cool, mountain air fills our home…  I sat beneath the strand of ladybugs… My routine… Watch them drift away… to that place that only little ones can go.   We’ve been talking of an overnight hiking trip soon… the Cumberland Trail….  a day on the A.T……  doesn’t matter.  At this moment, they’re already walking…  waiting on me.  Good night… walk safely.  Even though you cannot see me over your shoulder.  I promise… I am there.